Our History

Humble Beginnings for a Mountain Man

I’m Ryan and I currently live in Aspen. After living in South Carolina for the first 35 years in my life I moved to Aspen with the hopes of finding a community of skiing and music. Let’s just say I found it and am now a real happy camper. I started this site as a hobby and as a means to spread my love of music, particularly Jazz and Blues.

As a saxophonist I have a particular sweet spot for all things Jazz and Blues. Herbie Hancock is a hero, as is Coltrane. Those are the guys who drew me in back when I was a little boy growing up in Charleston. If I can help just one kid find an appreciation for this music through Jazz Aspen then I’m doing my job.

Why I Love Jazz

Have you ever been overcome by the flood of emotions that a good blues show can impart? I have, and that’s one of my most cherished feelings of all time. When you get those goosebumps and you know that the music has moved you in an unseen and profound way. It’s that feeling that keeps me going.

Even as someone who’s played for over four decades, I still get that sensation regularly when listening to the greats play. If you don’t feel this kind of music then you truly don’t have a soul. My family and I are always listening to the beats so that we can give you the beats right back. Stay tuned for all kinds of lovely information to come.


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Jazz Aspen History
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Jazz Aspen History
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